Hinterland Design is a furniture design studio based in Vancouver BC that creates unique work for people to use, enjoy and cherish. They are artists, woodworkers and craftspeople who build by hand using natural materials.

Drawing on over twenty years’ experience, they believe in and stand behind their techniques, designs and finished products. To them, materials are at the heart of what they make. Materials provide the initial inspiration for the design, and also provide the user with an innate and ongoing connection to the natural world.

Hinterland cares about where they source, prizing local and healthy materials. And they care about how they treat those materials through the building process. The environment shapes the work they do. Everything they make has a story. It starts with the materials, is shaped by the design and build, then develops through the many hands that use it throughout its lifetime. Designing and making unique objects that they are proud of, that are good for the earth and good for the people that use them is at the core of their practice.