Founded in 2017 by Walker McKinley and Mike Rogers in Western Canada, Procuratorial was primarily established to do a deeper dive into furniture specification and actualize this within Architecture and Interior Design Projects. Moving away from using tried and true and assisting clients in achieving high minded decor results.

As we continue to perform today as an atypical FF&E Procurement Agency, Procuratorial continues its practice by working very closely with Architects, Interior Designers, Project Mangers and Private Clients to bring a bit of an edge to the specification and procurement process.

This practice along with the relationships made, saw Procuratorial “the Store” being brought to market.

Authoring an opportunity to bring these makers and cutting-edge talents to a collective platform after having the privilege to procure this work for multiple international restaurants, hotels, luxury office and residential projects.

Procuratorial maintains a steady but always growing register of game changing craftspeople and visionaries. Makers, Artisans and Subversives ~ both new and old, are represented with Procuratorial. This richness of ideation told in the language of furniture is a story with no end. Partnering with perfectionists of their disciplines, we have been able to continue the legacy by bringing these talents directly to you by way of this website.

Through Procuratorial a new body of quality heirlooms finds adoration.

Every idea is welcome at Procuratorial.


In 2020, Procuratorial and McKinley studios collaborated to create “Meathook Gallery”. Using this venue as an ever-changing platform for showcasing work from design disciplines.

After all, the gallery is named after the best cocktail whiskey can mix itself into.

Meathook launched with Mosquito Agency’s first show of curated artists, followed shortly thereafter by “West Coast/ Best Coast” a sampling of Vancouver’s most prolific furniture design talents. The gallery was met with cult status and ongoing anticipation for the next show.